Flag Photos

I enjoy photography, and I really like taking pictures of flags. They’re tricky things to try and photograph, because they tend not to be at favourable angles to frame nicely (they’re usually high-up), and, of course, they flutter in the wind, so even if you can line up a great shot, you still might not get a good picture if the wind isn’t strong enough or going in the right direction.

Here are some of my more share-worthy ones.

The Bundestag Building, Berlin.


Arundel Castle, Sussex, UK. I don’t know what the flag is.

Arundel Castle

On a ferry between Newhaven, UK, and Dieppe, France.

On a ferry

A hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen Hotel

The Italian flag on a balcony in a rural village called Bertinoro.

Bertinoro Balcony

The flag of the Romanian revolution.

Romanian Revolution

During the Romanian revolution in 1989, revolutionaries cut the coat-of-arms of the Socialist Republic out of the flag, flying flags with holes to represent a free Romania. Here a former revolutionary carries his flag during the anti-corruption protests in 2017. This photo was taken in Piața Sfatului, Brașov.

The flag of Sicily, on a house in Taormina.